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Want to know more about a particular sector or job role? Interested in seeing how your career could progress? Then take a look at our Skills Elevator graphics that allow you to see, read, and explore potential job roles and requirements at different levels within a sector.

We have used the Skills Elevator suite to highlight where to get support, study, or engage with different Training Providers, including Independent Providers, Colleges and Universities to explore opportunities or engage in learning or an Apprenticeship.

There are so many opportunities out there, take a look at Skills Elevator to look at how you could map your career path. Want to find out more about a specific sector or job role? Download one of our infographic PDFs below.

Digi Tech Solutions Pro DCTPN Aug 22
Early Years Childcare DCTPN Aug 22

Digital & Technology Solutions Professional

Early Years / Childcare

Financial Services DCTPN Aug 22
Hairdresser DCTPN Aug 22

Financial Services


Healthcare DCTPN Aug 22
Hospitality DCTPN Aug 22

Health Care


Retail DCTPN Aug 22
Schools DCTPN Aug 22




Supervisory Management

Transport DCTPN Aug 22



Work Based Learning Teaching Training & Assessment

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