Rose – Business Administration Apprentice

Before starting an Apprenticeship, I had very little idea of what they involved, and I had my doubts about how useful it would be towards my aspirations of building a career. I had never considered Apprenticeships as an option for myself, believing that Apprenticeships were something offered only in trade and construction work. When I found out about Apprenticeships in business administration, however, I became very keen to apply to any opportunities in my area as I felt it would give me a real chance to get out of retail work and start building a long-term career with progression opportunities and growth. 

I can clearly see how much I’ve grown in confidence and ability since starting. Under the supervision of my line manager, I have been able to develop my administrative skills and steadily take on more responsibilities while being given constructive support by her the whole way through. My Apprenticeship tutor has also supported me with my coursework all the way through my apprenticeship, giving feedback on my assignments and helping me with any problems or questions that I had. 

Thanks to my Apprenticeship, I have even been offered a position at Derriford Hospital, working as a medical secretary which I am due to start in the near future. I would have never thought it was possible to apply to jobs such as this before I started my apprenticeship, and I’m incredibly excited to start in my new role. 

I cannot recommend them highly enough. An Apprenticeship is a perfect opportunity to learn new skills and start your career journey while being offered guidance and support the whole way through to help you to learn everything you need to know.