Mark Channing – Level 3 Leisure and Recreation

Sport lecturer Mark Channing is a popular member of the team at City College. He’s liked by students and respected by colleagues and, as a former student himself, he is committed to the College 100%. 

A talented footballer, Mark chose City College because of its successful Football Academy, something the College still offers today.  

Mark said: “College was such a change from school. I loved being able to jump on the No36 bus with my friends if we had a gap between lectures. I loved the freedom.  

“I studied a level 3 qualification in leisure and recreation - the course was the equivalent to three A Levels but I could focus on what I loved every day. I gained loads of qualifications as part of my diploma giving me loads of options when it came to thinking about what to do after College.  

“I had some amazing experiences with the academy. We travelled to America where we trained with LA Galaxy and we went on a tour in Spain.” 

Mark stayed at City College to complete a degree in sports therapy and was offered a job coaching the College’s B team - which he did alongside working as duty manager at Brickfields.  

During this time, Mark was often asked to assist the lecturers as an industry speaker which saw him fall in love with passing on what he had gained from his career to students.  

Mark added: “It is a great place to study and it was an easy decision to return as a lecturer. Coming to City College Plymouth is one of the best decisions I ever made.”