Joseph Broad – Level 2 Roofing, Slating and Tiling Apprenticeship

What did you/they do/what happened/what was the situation?

Joe excelled in all learning sessions both knowledge and practical elements of the roofing course. He had a good flair for knowledge and reminded the tutor Lee, of himself when he was of a similar age to Joe. Joe was a model apprentice and enjoyed being stretched and challenged to the extent that the tutor had to come up with a variety of plans and training sessions to extend his underpinning knowledge even further. Joe works for Stay Dry Roofing and has gone on to be our second Roofing Apprentice who achieved a Distinction grade in his L2 Standard. Joe gained a distinction in all the 3 elements knowledge test, observation on site with questioning and his interview, underpinned by a portfolio of workplace evidence. Joe has also been put forward for Apprentice of the Year by his tutor Lee Pawley. 

Who has been involved?

For any apprentice to be as successful as Joseph, the tripartite involvement is paramount. Joe is obviously responsible for his own actions and learning; his employer Stay Dry Roofing trains him well on the job and gives him the opportunity to ply his trade in roofing slating and tiling projects and tasks. His tutor Lee Pawley also has a thirst for knowledge and is very passionate about his own trade area of roofing. A final person involved in this process is the EPA End Point assessor whose feedback quote has been noted above.

Was this in reaction to an issue or request? How did this come about?

Joseph wanted to do roofing from the outset and his tutor Lee Pawley first met him during a site visit in Ivybridge where Joe was working on a roofing project then. Joe had just started as an apprentice with Greenlight Training Ltd at this time.

Why did you/they take this approach? Was there anything novel in your/their approach?

Lee stated what was novel about Joe was that he always had a passion for knowledge, skills, and behaviours. He constantly probed and asked questions, which he recorded in a notebook.  All handouts were put together by Joe and put into a sequenced learning file which he constantly referred to. Fully engaging in every learning session, Lee stated he was a real pleasure to teach!

What is the timeline? i.e., when did this happen, and over what time period?

Joseph started with the Training centre in October 2020 and achieved his distinction grade in his L2 standard on 28/10/2022, which was when the report was moderated. A timely achiever.

What was involved in terms of logistics, time, or resources? (to give readers a sense of the amount of work it took)

Joseph’s first mode of transport when he attended was a moped, he soon progressed to a car and now drives a company vehicle. Joe worked extremely hard and put together an impressive workplace portfolio of evidence, mapping the K, S, and B’s independently, as well as stating codes of practice and BS numbers.

Is this a first for the organisation/learner, or for adult education as far as you know? Where did you/they get inspiration from to try this project or initiative?

Joseph was the second roofing apprentice to have achieved a distinction grade in this L2 Standard. We have now just received our sixth distinction in this sector, with another six passes and an overall percentage pass rate of 100% so far.

What difference has this made to the organisation, staff, or learners? Please provide statistics if possible or relevant

Fantastic statistics for the Greenlight Training Ltd, Joseph himself and the tutor Lee Pawley, 100% overall achievement rate with 50% passes and 50% distinction grades is a very impressive outcome for the centre. We are also one of the only centres within the region to offer this provision.

What are your/their plans for the future?

Joseph wants to go on and become a supervisor, or Manager providing these opportunities present themselves to him. He is still keen and willing to learn new skills to this day. Lee’s plans are to look to achieve 100% distinctions.

What advice would you give another member of staff/department/learner who wanted to emulate what you/they have done?

This is a great case study and an impressive statistic when you consider the National averages throughout the construction industry.

How can your experience address commonly encountered challenges and help others?

I am a great believer in qualifications, and CPD and always strive to develop, learn, and improve myself and others. Lee and Joseph have this same drive, and this is clearly reflected within this case study and success story, which for Joe is just the start!