Jane Simone – Met Office IT Apprentice

I left university in 2010 with a degree in costume construction and no idea what I might use it for. Whilst my degree was challenging and rewarding, upon graduating I was faced with the prospect of working for free indefinitely in order to make a name for myself in the sector, which wasn’t a practical option for me. 

The idea of becoming an apprentice in my mid-thirties was somewhat daunting, having always considered them the domain of fresh-faced 16-year-olds. However, the government, colleges and employers are doing a lot of work to remove this perception, as Apprenticeships can be a good option for people of any age. Importantly for me, they also provide a training opportunity without the need to pay course fees, whilst still affording the apprentice a wage. 

The Met Office immediately stood out to me as an employer to aim for due to the strong reputation it holds as a science and technology employer.  

I had overcome the biggest obstacle in my career journey to date. I am at the beginning of my time as an apprentice but reflecting on the steps I have taken just to get to this point fills me with a great sense of pride. It has not been easy, there have been many challenges along the way, and at times I have wondered whether I’m making the right decision but knowing that I am making positive steps to change the path that I am on has kept me motivated.