Jay Lyle

Jay Lyle - IT Professional Competence

Back in 2014 I started my Level 2 IT Professional Competence qualification with Achievement Training as part of my Sixth Form Choices with my school, Sir John Hunt. I found the course very exciting and fun, there was always something for me to be doing and learning every time I went in for another lesson.

On completion of my Level 2 qualification in July 2015 I started my Level 3 IT Professional Competence course and soon got an Apprenticeship through Achievement Training’s recruitment team at an IT company north of the city. Unfortunately this only lasted a few months as due to the business economics at the time I got made redundant, however I did not let this have a negative effect on my training and continued working towards my qualification with Achievement Training.

Only a few weeks later Achievement Training had an IT Apprenticeship position available which I applied for and was successful! I started as an Apprentice with them to complete my Level 3 qualification in March 2016 and it is going amazingly well! My job is to assist others on their daily activities with IT and fix problems that may occur, some of the tasks and responsibilities that I have range from fixing a student’s word documents to fixing expensive equipment like photocopiers and server systems. I have progressed so much with Achievement Training, in both myself and in my workplace.  They have given me the confidence that I never even thought I had. I get a good salary, work with a great bunch of people and receive help where I need. I am learning loads on the job and not just IT skills, I am also learning things about being an employed person, like dressing smartly, booking holiday time in advance always making sure I do my best for all the customers.

I am on target to complete my Level 3 Apprenticeship in April 2017 and feel really confident that when I apply for promotions or move employers, I will have the skills and experience to do so! I am very proud of this and am excited to continue progressing forward!

I have been accepted onto a 5 year computing course with a foundation year at Plymouth University, this is a massive step for me it has taken a lot to get there, I am very nervous but extremely excited!

Jay was IT student of the year in July 2016!