Dr Claire Mould began her career as a teacher, before working as a Senior Relationship Fellow focusing on neurological studies, specifically the link between emotional intelligence and cognitive intelligence. Claire has had several research papers and books published exploring theories of development and learning and effective leadership and management strategies. In 2000 she set up her own learning and development company, before working in the education, health and social care sector. Becoming CEO of a charity that provides housing, education and complex mental health support to homeless young and vulnerable individuals. After that Claire then became CEO of Cintre, a charity that provides residential care and community based support for adults with complex mental health needs and learning disabilities. In May 2021 Claire joined Bespoke Consultancy and Education as Director of Strategy. Claire has a vast range of Board experience in a professional capacity, including sitting on LEP and CCG Boards, and have recently become the Plymouth Ambassador for the Global Tech South West of England Advocates. On a personal level, she has been a Chair of two primary schools Board of Governors, a Vice Chair of a large secondary school, and a Vice Chair of a Multi Academy Trust.

January 2022